This website is not translated into English because its purpose is to diffuse information about BodyTalk in Italian. To read about the BodyTalk System in English go directly to the source: the IBA’s official website.

The contents here are being created by Luisa Jaromila Quintavalle, an Italian CBP, with the focus of introducing BodyTalk to the Italian public. The pages are faithful in spirit (but freely inspired) to the IBA’s official website, obviously filtered through my personal experience, studies and BodyTalk practice.

The blog’s articles are drown from a wider context of research and experience and don’t literally report the IBA’s point of view. Although their general understanding of reality is surely supporting it. At least as far as I can perceive it.

I will start translating only selected original articles from the blog. Please be aware of the unreliable and approximate understanding of these pages by Google or similar translators.

Enjoy soon your BodyTalk session!

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Luisa Jaromila Quintavalle